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Hi!  I’m Sloan Rawlins, and it’s my pleasure to “meet” you.  I am a Holistic Life Coach, Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner, and Professional Intuitive. I am also a Light Bearer: a liaison of Light

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My special gift, and my expertise, is helping people transcend their conditioned realities and start living happier lives. It’s my calling, and I love it!

There’s a saying, “God doesn’t call the qualified. God qualifies the called.” When I answered the call to Awaken (and to free myself from childhood wounds, subconscious self-sabotage, and low self-esteem in the process), I had no idea that the Divine Plan was for me to become well-qualified to help people around the world do the same. But that is exactly what happened, thankfully!

While my qualification process was sometimes arduous, I wouldn’t change anything about it, if I could. The human experience can be challenging for us all.  My soul’s experience in humanity has been no exception. I was first introduced to self-realization through the forceful prodding of existential pain. There was a time in my life, many years ago, when it hurt me just to exist.

By Divine Grace and a strong commitment to my own transformation, all that has changed. Now that I know how to live a peacefully empowered life, that is exactly what I do. Each new day brings growth opportunities, new levels of healing, and a bit of magic.

I made a commitment to consciousness years ago, and the years have brought both difficult transitions and exquisite rewards. It is all magical to me now.

That ability – the ability to maintain a positive focus and a clear center (no matter what is happening), is something I had to learn for myself. And it has become a great gift to me. I love to share that ability (and other life-giving skills) with other people. After all, we are all in this together!

I am always inspired by the opportunity to walk with a fellow traveler on the journey of transformation and conscious evolution. I see myself as a guide who happens to know the terrain. It is an absolute honor to support, assist, and encourage clients as they create the inner and outer experiences they’ve always dreamed of.

Thank you for visiting this page and learning more about who I am and what I do. Please be sure to visit my coaching page before you go.

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Sloan Rawlins, B.A., J.D. is a Certified Master Life Coach.
She is also an Ordained Inter-Faith Minister.

Additional Training

Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner
Certified Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
Practitioner Certification

Certified Life Story Coach
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach
Health & Nutrition Life Coach (Certificate of Completion)
Stress Management Coaching Certification (2014-2016)

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